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About ”The Night Watchman’s Journal” and the main characters:

Story: Do Ha (Go Sung Hee), Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo), Moo Seok (Jung YunHo) and Chul Joo are a team of Night Watchmen who work from 9pm to 5am every night protecting the people of Chosun under the king’s secret orders, solving unexplainable cases that involves the realms of the supernatural.

Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo) is a rogue royal prince who is used to masking his insecurities and the deep hurt in his heart with his wild and rebellious ways until an sudden incident gave him the ability to see supernatural beings. Armed with his new sense of sight and ability, he volunteers to be a part of a team of Night Watchmen who patrols the streets from night to dawn to protect the Chosun people from the evil ghosts and beings which hunts for innocent preys and redress the grievousness of those whom died wrongfully. Growing mentally and emotionally as he solves the cases he became involved in and witnessing of the hardships of the citizens, Lee Rin began to change his attitude towards life and faces his destiny with his new found courage.

Moo Seok (Jung YunHo) is a bodyguard who serves the rogue prince, Lee Rin. He grew up under the strictest education and martial arts training to become the best swordsman in Chosun. He is a man of few words but women are drawn to him despite his coldness towards them. His icy heart began to thaw with the chance encounter of Do Ha but falling for her means that he has to compete for her hand against Prince Lee Rin whom he is currently serving.

Do Ha (Go Sung Hee) is the successor of the Ma Go tribe whom are the protectors of the Baek Do mountains’ spirits energy for generations. She is a warm, kind-hearted girl who travels to Han Yang, the capital of Chosun searching  for the night watchmen who are destined to bear the fate of the Ma Go tribe. And though a twist of fate, she gets entangled in a triangular love relationship with the hot-blooded Lee Rin who is hot like fire and his bodyguard “Moo Seok” who is as cold as ice.

Park Soo Ryun (Seo Ye Ji) is the daughter of court officer, Park Soo Jong and despite her sweet and harmless appearance as a virtuous girl, she actually harbors strong desires and pride to become the wife of Prince Lee Rin. Therefore she sees Do Ha as a thorn in her flesh who is obstructing from getting what her heart desires.

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TVXQ “Ti Amo” [TRANS] Very touching epilogue by TVXQ in Ti Amo - Touching messages to each other!

Yunho: “It is the truth that when we shelved our dormitory lives and turned to trying out our respective single lives, instead of feeling sad, the relief was more palpable. However, it was not an easy thing to live a life of sleeping in your house and waking up without having somebody around. I had such thoughts many times, “Was Changmin’s existence / presence so huge?” When we did not have schedules, the text messages sent (by Yunho to Changmin) which read “Have you eaten?”, and the calls which went “Hyung, shall we have a drink?”, were really great. Just the fact of having the younger brother called Shim Changmin by my side, I like that.”

Changmin: “The day in 2011 when we went up on stage for the first time after becoming a duo, amidst the nervousness which was even more heightened than that when we debuted, the Yunho hyung who grasped hold of my hand, when I was just staring at the ground. And the Yunho hyung who had told me, “We can do it well”. Because hyung is here, I was able to hold out till now, because hyung is here, it seems like I will be able to attempt more challenges in the future. Because we are connected by the string called “TVXQ”, which will never be able to be severed.

Trans by: mug_ping

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